Everyone involved with designing, manufacturing and delivering a service wants to create a good user experience. I’m sure there’s some exceptions to this, especially when people are not happy, but that’s not relevant right now. The point is that in a team working with a service, there’s a lot of people that honestly want to give the users a good experience. So far everyone is on the same track. The problem is that what actually is a good user experience is subjective. I can be really convinced that design A has a much better user experience than design B. But in the end, I can’t decide what every single user will feel. In many cases everyone will agree what is better, but in every project I have been working there have been a lot of cases where there is disagreement what is the best user experience. Usually this occurs because we think of different users. I often hear myself saying “design A is better for these users, while design B is better for these”. Now you might be thinking “but that’s why you do a priority of target groups in the beginning of the project!” Sure, of course, the problem is that often people get another feeling when they see something. It is not always so easy to let go of that idea that you think is really good for yourself. Empathizing with a user with other conditions than your own is a skill that is very difficult to learn. Even though it’s part of my job I haven’t mastered it completely yet. And to expect that everyone in my team will be able to do it is just not realistic.

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