Many people that ask me to help them with their user experience have no idea what it takes to create a good user experience. That’s why they need me. I’m a consultant. Still, they have some idea, some thought what I should do. It seems to me that many people think that “UX designer” is a new, cooler, term for “web designer”. And it seems like they think that a “web designer” is someone that very quickly delivers a good looking user interface that have good usability, thus a good user experience.

Now this is a problem. Anyone that actually knows anything about user experience knows that it is much more fundamental than just to deliver some nice sketches. I think Jesse James Garrett (2002) illustrates this very well with the five planes of user experience:

  • The surface plane
  • The skeleton plane
  • The structure plane
  • The scope plane
  • The strategy plane

The problem arises when the customer thinks that the UX designer will deliver sketches of the surface plane, and think that that will be all it takes to create a good user experience. In reality the UX designer will have to work on four other planes before actually delivering what the customer thinks she asked for.


Garrett, Jesse James, (2002). The Elements Of User Experience. Indianapolis, Ind.: New Riders. Print.

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